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Services we offer:

Peer Coaching.png

Peer Coaching

One on one meeting with a  Certified Peer Coach, to set goals and have accountability.

Ally Support.png

Ally Support

If you have a loved one who is struggling with substance use, we are here to support you.

Budgeting Meeting.png

Budgeting Meeting

Free Yourself From Financial Fear For Good!  Schedule a FREE budget management session with one our peer specialists

Furthering Education.png

Furthering Education (GED, Technical School)

Complete your degree and follow your dreams!  Your journey starts now.  Allow us to help you further your education by scheduling a FREE coaching session with one of our peer specialists


Creating a Resume

Need Help Getting Noticed By Employers?  Schedule a meeting with one of our peer specialists to help you create a resume for FREE!


Employment Assistance

Allow us to connect you with multiple recruiters and agencies to assist you with your next employment opportunity.  Schedule a FREE session with one of our peer specialists to learn more about immediate job openings.

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