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How to Attend a Zoom Meeting on Mobile

Support Meetings

Everyday, Monday-Friday

In Person and Virtual

ZOOM Meeting ID: 385-304-225

Password: 000

ZOOM Meeting ID: 368-272-337

Password: 000




Call or Text Every Day Of The Year 


8:30AM- 11:00PM

Our friends at Georgia Council on Substance Use have a warm line available

everyday of the year, 8:30am-11:00pm.

We Hear You

(Because We Listen)

If you or someone you know is in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder, we are here for you. We are individuals in long term recovery with a message of hope. Freedom from addiction is real and available to all. We are here to listen with empathy and support. We promote wellness and self-directed care. Building on strengths, abilities, and resilience, we advocate and celebrate all pathways to recovery for you, your family. and your community. So call us….

  • ​When you are struggling and need someone to talk to.

  • When you want to talk to someone confidentially.

  • When you want to share your triumphs as well as your challenges in recovery.

  • When you feel lonely, depressed, or have suffered a loss or setback.

  • When friends or family members don’t seem to understand.

  • When you need someone to listen who has been right where you are.

  • When you have questions about recovery.

Peer2Peer Warm Line


Support Available 24/7

Who calls the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network Peer2Peer Warm Line?

  • People who live with chronic behavioral health conditions like depression or anxiety

  • People who are experiencing life’s challenges, such as grief, or unemployment

  • People who have limited mobility, but want to remain connected to others

  • People who are recovering from trauma, and need support

Adjusted Schedule

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00-5:00

Please follow our Facebook page for updates. 

See below for instructions on attending a Virtual Zoom Meeting.

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ZOOM Meeting ID: 727-516-895

Password: 000

ZOOM Meeting ID: 179-962-338

Password: 000