Want to be a part of the growth of Coweta FORCE? Here is your opportunity!

We are in the beginning stages of renovating our new building, 3x the size of our current space!! We plan to finish renovations and begin operating out of our new space in 2022.

Below you will see several rooms available to sponsor. 

If you sponsor a room, you can choose to dedicate the room to someone or have your name or business by the door indicating who the room was made possible by!

Ideas for room sponsorship:

  • Get together with a few friends to sponsor a larger room.

  • Propose room sponsorship to your employer or a local business.

  • Sponsor a room with your small group or meeting friends.

  • Do a mini-fundraiser to raise money for a room, contact Shelly for more details.

Once you have sponsored the room, we will reach out to you for the details you would like displayed on the plaque! 


Room made possible by friends of recovery. 

Room in memory of John.

Room made possible by the Jones Family.

All donations made to Coweta FORCE are tax-deductible!